Extending Lever on Spray Bottle

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Many spray bottles have levers that are too small and make it difficult to spray over a long period of time without your hand getting tired. This Instructable will help increase the leverage on the lever.
1. Spray bottle with short lever
2. Long piece of plastic, like a disposable shaver handle
3. Duct tape
4. Rubber band
5. Heavy-duty cutting tool, like a set of pruning shears

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Step 1: Attach Plastic Handle to Lever

1. Using the duct tape, attach plastic handle to lever. In this case, I attached it behind the lever. Also, you can attach it to the front of the lever for a greater range of motion.
2. Test it to make sure it is not too high and interfering with the movement at the joint.
3. The plastic stick may be a little too long and hit the bottle when the trigger is squeezed. Use the prunning shears to cut it down so that you can get the maximum movement when pulling it.
4. Now use the rubber band to wrap the stick and the lever tightly together.

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