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Introduction: Extra Compact Slit Scan Camera Mk2

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After the success of my compact slit scan camera. It has been popular on here,in the field , is a joy to use and the images it produced are given high praise.

I thought that i cam make this more compact, by using m39 lenses that require less depth of camera body, it would also be able to use nice old Leica lenses (or copy's of, in my financial situation) the build is very similar to the compact slit scan camera.

due to extenuating circumstances this instructable has been sitting in the drafts section for ages, hence the instructions are a bit foggy.

Step 1: Keep the Winder,

Everything else comes out.

Step 2: Chop the Camera

the blue marks show where i cut. i used a hacksaw.

a diagonal cut is needed to not destroy the mechanism. see next step.

Step 3: Its Easyer to Take Off Than to Put Back

with patience and a file make the parts line up.

i think i cut too much, i had to fill that big gap with filler.

Step 4: The Inner Section

need to be cut as narrow as possible.

using strong epoxy glue start assembling

Step 5: Filler

filler makes the parts contiguous, i used leatherette as a light seal as there is not much clearance for a film canister.

Step 6: Fill Both Sides

also the tabs that hold the cover on the back have been cut, firmly stick a nut on the bottom as a new securing method.

Step 7: Cut the Back to Fit

make a hole for the new securing nut.

Step 8: Shiney Bits

refit the lens mount,and take up spool.

trim to fit the top and bottom plates.

trim to fit the original leatherette.

Step 9: That Was Easy.

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    Two Paddles Design
    Two Paddles Design

    4 years ago

    Wow, this is not a camera, this is a sculpture! Beautiful


    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you :-D