Extra Strong Nasal Douche

When you have a cold or flu you flush your nose with salt water, and you generally feel positive about it but it could work even stronger? This is for you.

Hate flushing your nose? Don't try it, you would hate it even more.


  • I'm not a medical professional, you'll do it at your own risk.
  • I don't know whether it works with allergies. Probably not.
  • So far I only did it with medium congestion, I have no idea what happens if you do it with very strong congestion. (I'll try it next time I have one.) (I'll probably hate it :D)
  • I haven't tried it with children.
  • Don't do it if you're allergic to garlic!

Basically the trick is to add a little bit of garlic juice to your salt water, maybe two drops. If you have a juicer you might use it, I don't have a juicer and use an immersion blender. With a bit of patience and stinkiness the garlic juice can be acquired with a garlic press as well.

So this is what I do:

  • Pick a tiny clove of garlic and if I don't have one take half or a third of a normal sized one (I assume you know what a tiny clove of garlic looks like), peel it and put it in a mixing bowl.
  • Take my nose flushing tool, fill it with warm water and pour the water into the mixing bowl as well.
  • Put the amount of salt that I usually would use into the nose flushing tool.
  • Puree the garlic in the warm water. Yes, it makes foam, this is normal.
  • Pour the garlic-water through a sieve to get rid of the fiber, into a small container that is useful for pouring.
  • Pour the fiber-free(ish) garlic-water into the nose-flushing tool and flush nose.

Your nose will be running afterwards and will be free soon, at least much better than with ordinary nose flushing. If you can't stand it chances are you used too much garlic. Try half of the amount next time!




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