Extraterrestrial Cyborg Halloween Costume

Introduction: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Halloween Costume

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Time to create the costume 1 month 3 weeks and four days

24 AA Batteries
27 AAA Batteries

18 - CR 2032 Lithium Batteries

Batteries in Total = 69

422 LED lights in total

236 Metal Washers

672 Beer Can Tabs

The Extraterrestrial Steampunk Cyborg came about after mother
told me a story about an uncle who once dressed draped in cans at Carnival many years ago and was a smash hit among onlookers and participants alike. Well I had the desire recreate the exact costume but that did not go well. In a dream I saw myself as a Cyborg with armor made of cans and thus the Cyborg was born, the challenge was on and I went on to create exactly as I seen myself in the dream.

Extraterrestrial Cyborg was created using recyclable materials
such as, old jeans, free beer cans from the local recycle company, beer can tabs, old pullover shirt, old boots, old faux leather curtains, rubber hose, old computer case, water pitchers, plant feeders, children’s plastic whistle blower hose toy, old belt, vacuum hose, metal washers and screws, radiator valve, brass paper fasteners, backpack belt, lawn hose Y connector, printer ink casing,PVC gears, metal springs, baseball helmet, raincoat, Led bicycle lights, and motorcycle gloves.

Metallic spray paint, Metallic acrylic paint, Dap Weldwood Contact Cement, Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, Elmer's Glue Stick, Masking tape, Duck tape, and Gem-Tac adhesive, Fabri-Tac adhesive, Multi-Grip adhesive all by Beacon.

Rainbow flashing Led fairy lights 50 on a wire strand. 8 strands 400 in total

Tools: Dremel, and Power Drill.

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Step 1: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Pants

For the pants you will need cans of your choice, I used about 180 Coors Light beer cans so to keep the same pattern and size.

The local recycle company allowed me to gather all the cans I needed for my project.

You will need:

197 cans

Can tabs


Sharpie Marker


200 LED fairy lights 50 on a 18 ft wire strand each

Metallic spray paint

Metallic acrylic paint

Black spray paint

Masking tape or duck tape

Gem-Tac, Fabri-Tac Adhesive by Beacon

3 small boxes of 3/16 flat metal washers

Medicine bottle cap or other cap will do fine

The Creation:

Rule No.1 Wash every can by rinsing in hot water with Lysol disinfectant one at a time let dry in large bucket upside down before you begin to cut each can, after the cut I rinsed a second time before continuing onto the next step.

Be very careful every step of the way cutting cans.

Begin by taping the Sharpie marker on the medicine bottle cap this serves as a guide to mark the cans for cutting. Place your Sharpie marker on flat table with one can against the tip then rotate the can til you have a line around the can. Continue by cutting off top of can then down the center reaching the line and cutting around, continue this until you have about 180 can bottoms.

Lay pants on a flat surface with front part facing up placing each can next to one another with bottoms facing outward until your design looks great to you.

Follow by lifting each can off pants applying Gem-Tac Adhesive around bottom inside of can in a circular motion and place back onto pants leg. When all cans have been glued leave to set for 24 hours then flip the pants and do the same to back of the pants. Note: ' Do not glue cans to back of knee area ' instead fill with washers.

Continue by spray painting the pants with cans attached a black color let dry, and give a weathered look using a chrome metallic spray by spraying on paper plate then use old tee-shirt to lift paint from plate and rub over cans. When dry use a copper metallic acrylic paint and dry brush over the cans.

Take the metal washers place on wood board spray paint copper metallic color let dry and glue in between each can on pants this will serve as your guide for the led lights.

Once everything is dry puncture 50 holes on each pants leg front and back through each washer, now that this is all done comes the very tricky part.

Create two small square pouches to fit the battery pack for each LED strand on the top center of pants back belt area using an old tee shirt and Fabri-Tac Glue then cover in faux leather " I used pieces of an old fake leather curtain I had in a box.

Lighting the back of pants:

Pop a small hole behind each pouch then begin by inserting and pulling 50 led fairy lights until the battery pack is in the pouch 50 lights to each leg ' 3 AA batteries' for each back leg. In a downward upward motion string the pants making sure each micro LED light appears at the whole under each washer and duck tape from inside continue this until done. I also created a lining over the lights using a pair of old pajama pants so no contact with skin.

Lighting the front of pants:

Again pop a small hole in each front pocket and string the same keeping the battery pack in your pockets for easy access to the off and on switch

This was all trial and error I just went with my thoughts

Thank you for viewing

Step 2: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Pullover Shirt

Creating the shirt:

For the shirt you will need:

A pullover shirt to fit your body a little tight

Can bottoms already cut, painted and weathered to your liking, I used 21 cans for the front of shirt.

X-Acto knife

Elmer's glue stick

Gorilla Tape

Metallic spray paint

Acrylic paint

Can tabs

Bicycle lights

Short sleeve Tee-Shirt

Scrap faux leather pieces

Gem-Tac, Fabri-Tac Adhesive by Beacon

100 LED fairy lights on a wire 50 for front and 50 for the back of shirt

I began by cutting a short sleeve Tee across the belly also cutting the
back and sleeves creating a vest. This part of the shirt serves as a lining inside the shirt so no contact with the lights or wires. Turn the shirt inside out and glue the vest to the shirt on all sides leaving the bottom open this will allow you to work from within the shirt " A BLIND SPOT" after that's done flip the shirt back and move on to the next step.

Begin by planning your pattern on front of shirt by placing cans in desired position, continue by gluing the cans with Gem-Tac adhesive lifting one by one and re-positioning onto shirt once complete allow to dry for 24 hours.

After the shirt is dry using a pointed screwdriver poke 50 holes on the shirt in between the cans and other plain areas where no can is attached making for use of every micro LED light.

Continue by poking another hole on the side of shirt and through the lining also this is where you will begin to string the shirt in between the lining you created and the shirt and serves as the battery pack pocket for easy access to the on and off switch. Now cut a square piece from the left over Tee-Shirt and adhere over the hole using the Fabri-Tac glue on both sides and bottom leaving an opening on top to insert the power pack, you should now have a small square pocket on the side of the shirt. After all is done cut another square of faux leather and glue over the pocket using Fabri-Tac for that leather effect, it looks nicer than just a piece of tee shirt hanging there.

Now through the hole you've just created begin by inserting the very end of the lights stringing through until the battery pack is inside the pocket. Continue by carefully positioning each micro light to meet the hole putting a piece of Gorilla tape on the back of light to secure.

Note: Always work with the lights on this way you can make sure each light is positioned correctly facing outward and not twisted to the side.

I then glued the can tabs on the front and back of sleeves using Gem-Tac Adhesive and let dry for 24 hours followed by weathering the tabs using a dry brush of black, chrome, brass, copper, and brown acrylic paint.

Next I cut a vest out of an old black very shiny raincoat hemming along the edges for a smooth nice finish then I created 50 holes along the edges using a single hole puncher and again stringing with lights securing using gorilla tape also adding a small pocket inside the right inside for the power pack.

Next applied strips of Velcro on the back of shirt also inside the shiny vest and attached together.

The bicycle LED lights I took apart using only the light and Velcro attached to the front of shirt in a Y pattern for extra effect these lights did not flash I liked the solid effect.

You can finish off the shirt by giving the faux leather pockets a brown enamel wash making it look worn and old.

The name on back of shirt I used an X-Acto Knife, I printed the name I chose using a free Sci-Fi font found online, old plastic paper binder, and Elmer's glue stick.

Using the glue stick I adhered the paper to the binder and cut each letter with the X-Acto knife creating a sheet with the name then positioned on the back of vest and sprayed with a white primer for added effect.

Thank you for viewing

Step 3: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Laser Gun and Holster

Creating the Laser Gun Holster:

For The Ray Gun Holster I used:

Nylon string

Scrap faux leather curtain pieces I had in a box

Children's toy rocket launcher

Rubber hockey puck opens at the end


Ballpoint Pen

A Drill

A Dremel

Radiator Valve

Gears found at Michael's Art Supply Store

Removable strap from an old backpack

Fabri-Tac, Multi-Grip adhesive by Beacon

Bikers key chain

Brass paper fasteners

I began by cutting a square of the material and measuring making sure everything is even creating a square pocket, followed by attaching the straps to the top of square pocket I created and securing by sewing using nylon string.

After that I glued all edges of the holster with Multi-Grip glue, then added two more strips of leather like material to the front for added detail, and parts of an old real leather belt as well and again secured using the nylon string. Thereafter gluing the gears onto the straps evenly I inserted the brass fasteners in the center of each gear to the center of the strap sealing the strap in the center and all edges with Fabri-Tac adhesive.

The Laser Gun:

For the gun I used a plastic transparent hallow red cylinder drilled a hole on top then used a Dremel to enlarge the hole inserting the radiator valve, same method used at the bottom as the handle inserting the toy rocket launcher then painting with metallic acrylic paint and wrapping in faux leather curtain pieces once again for effect.

I then coiled galvanized wire around the cylinder and insert it in the the tube followed by attaching the cover of a track light to the front of tube and bolting in place using screws and nuts.

The hockey puck i attached to the back opening of the cylinder inserting a tap light in place of the back cover to the puck, again wrapping faux leather around the puck for effect.

And thus the Laser Gun and Holster was born.

Thank you for viewing

Step 4: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Gloves

Creating the gloves:

Motorcycle gloves ' donated by my brother '

Bicycle LED lights





Screws and dome cap nuts

Steampunk gears from Michael's Art Supply store

Metallic acrylic paint

Pointed screwdriver

For the gloves I cut out the bike LED making sure to leave a small amount of the edge to screw in place on glove. I then smoothed out using a Dremel to desired shape. Finally I screws onto gloves followed by painting sections with silver and copper acrylic paint.

I finished by adding gears around the wrist of gloves

Thank you for viewing

Step 5: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Oxygen Tank Foundation

Creating the foundation:

I used a Military rucksack frame donated by my brother for this project.

You will need:

50 LED blue fairy lights



Gorilla tape

Screws and nuts

One Military rucksack frame

Fabri-Tac Adhesive

Chrome or silver color spray paint

Paper plate

Old Tee shirt cut up in pieces to apply the paint

I began by pressing the nozzle of the paint and spraying onto a paper plate about 4 times then quickly absorbing it with a rag and rubbing onto the frame for a weathered effect.

I then glued the fabric onto the frame using Fabri-Tac glue with faux leather once again " These curtains go a long way lol, two panels for about 9 dollars." I also used an old leather belt for added effect in certain areas.

The back of the frame I added the top cover of and old computer tower fastening to the frame using zip ties to hold in place then secured with screws and nuts.

I continued by drilling 50 holes around the computer frame then spray painting black first and weathering with silver spray paint again, continued by inserting 50 blue LED lights securing with a small piece of Gorilla tape from the back then screwed the battery pack on the outer part of the tower case top for easy access to the on and off switch.

All Trial and Error

Thank you for viewing

Step 6: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Oxygen Tank

Creating The Oxygen Tank:

You will need

2 water pitchers

4 funnel plant feeders

Air pump

Whistle blower children's toy

Metallic spray paint

Metallic acrylic paint

Screws, and dome nuts

White primer paint

Power Drill

Y- lawn hose connector

Zip ties


Bicycle gauges

I began by drilling a hole in the center and the sides of the air pump then mounting onto the center of computer case already attached to the Military ruck sack.

I continued by lining up the water pitchers to the sides of the air pump evenly to meet each hole on the sides of the pump and screwed in place. Thereafter attaching the plant feeder funnels at the bottom and top of water pitchers and screwing in place.

I then connected the whistle blowers to the funnels at the center using a Y lawn hose connector attached to a third whistle blower toy at the bottom of the Y tucking it in under the back of the tower computer case top then tie to the frame with zip ties.

Another hose was then added to the bottoms of the funnels from left to right and screwed in place.

After all was looking well I dismounted and spray painted each part with a white primer then metallic spray paint, and again using the weathering technique I explained earlier and reattached tightly.

Continued by adding bicycle gauges to the top of the air pump using a drill and Dremel to create holes for fitting into place.

The tubing connected from the gauges to the center tank are made up of transparent tubing then spray painted a metallic copper color

Thank you for viewing

Step 7: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Boots

Creating the boots:

You will need:

Leather Boots

Contact cement

Metal gears

Wire cutter

Metallic silver, black, and copper spray paint

Rubber hose " not pictured"

Casings to ink for printer

Metal washers

Green acrylic paint

Plant markers with copper sheet very flexible to use only the sheet of copper.

X-Acto knife

Brass paper fasteners cut to the head with a wire cutter

Power Drill


Screws with a very flat head

I began this project by drilling holes to the side of the boot,the back, and one hole to the front of each boot followed using the dremel tool to expand the hole.

I continued by screwing each part of the ink casings in place and securing, sides, and front.

I then connected the hose to the back heel up to the center back of the boot in a curved motion and secured once again with screws.

Spray the boots black and weather using silver spray paint with a rag.

Paint the back rubber hose with acrylic paint, and continue by gluing the washers to the boot using contact cement, at this pint you can also cement the cut tops of the brass paper fasteners to the boot.

You can also cement the copper sheets to the top front of boot and glue the brass fasteners onto the corners giving the effect of rivets, then paint edges with green paint giving a corrosion effect to washers and rivets.

Thank you for viewing

Step 8: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Belt

The belt was created using bicycle lights attached to a leather belt
with openings and secured in place from the back using Gorilla tape. I also weathered the edges of lights with metallic acrylic paint Thank you for viewing

Step 9: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Goggles

What you will need is

One pair of Welders Goggles

Faux leather " still using scraps of the fake leather curtains again, LOL."

Gorilla Super Glue

Metal spring

Power drill

Metallic acrylic paint

Paint brush

Pipe clamp

Bead wire

Small cover of computer CPU fan

Screws and dome nuts

Jewelers double magnify glass

one circular PVC Universal snap-in bushing for metal stud

For the Goggles I first took them completely apart then holding one eye cup at a time I drilled the holes for the screws, I then applied Gorilla Glue and covered with faux leather smoothing out to the edges and around to the inside also gluing the leather in place.

Continue by painting the round PVC bushing, and the cover of the goggles with a copper color acrylic paint nothing fancy make it look distressed and weathered by simply stroking the brush across the surface.

Put the PVC over one lens of the goggles and screw the cover to the lens, do the same with the fan cover but do not paint.

Now situate the Pipe clamp to one round lens of the goggle and tighten in place continue by fastening the jewelers magnify glass onto the clamp and secure with bead wire in place.

You can add other gadgets to the goggles it's all up to you, be creative.

Voila! your goggles are done

Thanks for viewing

Step 10: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Mask

Creating the mask:

You will need:

1 Jabbawockeez mask found online


Metallic brass spray paint


Brown metallic acrylic paint

PVC hose

Plant marker with sheet of copper attached

Wire screen


Multi-Grip Adhesive

Plastic water container

Screws and dome nuts

White Primer spray paint

Sharpie marker

Tee-Shirt with plain back or front cut into a large square

Brass paper fasteners with the tips cutoff with a wire cutter

Pull tabs from cans

Dap Contact Cement by Weldwood

Power Drill

First step was to press the wire mesh sheet from the back of the mask toward the front making sure the mesh popped out away from my eyes and marked with a sharpie, I then applied Multi-Grip glue around those markings to prevent the wire mesh from coming apart letting dry for 24 hours then situated the cutouts onto the mask with adhesive covering with duck tape

I then cut away at the water container making sheets from it into smaller pieces triangles, squares, curved, and applied them to the mask using contact cement letting dry for 24 hours. During this process I also attached the tips of brass paper fasteners as rivets onto the plastic pieces applied to the mask.

After this process I drilled two holes on the mask in the center for two screws and dome style nuts screwed in place. I then inserted two PVC hoses into the mouth area letting hand to connect onto the helmet.


I sprayed the mask with a white primer let dry then a brass metallic spray paint with hose attached. After all was dry I did a brown acrylic metallic wash on the entire mask adding a distressed look on the raised portions with strokes of brass metallic spray paint with a rag.

The Mask Bib:

Using an old light weight Tee-Shirt I cut out the back into a square and placed the mask onto it tracing around cutting out and gluing the shirt onto the mask. After this I also glued the sheets of copper from the plant markers over the fabric around the mask to cover and painted with acrylic metallic paint adding a distressed effect letting dry for 24 hours.

After all is set continue by placing the mask on flat surface and applying Gem-Tac adhesive I designed the bib with the tabs from cans then added Velcro at the ends to fastened around the head.

I finished the mask by weathering the tabs using a stroke technique using black acrylic paint, metallic silver acrylic paint, and for corrosion used a green acrylic paint in some areas.

Thank you for viewing

Step 11: Extraterrestrial Cyborg Helmet

Creating the helmet:

Things I used:

Rawlings Baseball Helmet

Side panels of an old computer case

Aluminum sheet


Metal springs

Rubber hose

Gorilla tape

Hand Saw

50 strand rainbow fairy lights on wire


Dremel Tool

Multi-Grip Adhesive

PVC Gears

PVC hose

Metal Gears



Power Drill

Metallic Spray Paint, Copper,and Silver

Triple coat gloss clear glaze spray

Track of hair weave

And finally believe it or not a chicken bone, LOL. Guess at this point I was thinking of a Mad Max kind of Post Apocalyptic look.

I began by cutting the brim off the helmet with a hand saw then filing down with a dremel tool. Next I carefully removed all cushion from inside and drilled 50 holes at random from the outside. I continued by adding the Velcro on the inside back of helmet bottom center this is where the battery pack of the LED lights will be added. Then I spray painted the Helmet Black and distressed it with silver and copper metallic paint in a stroking motion with a rag made from and old Tee-Shirt.

I then began stringing the lights throughout until all holes had a light flashing and secured with a piece of Gorilla tape making sure to cover the wires also with the tape. After that I glued the cushions back inside using Multi-Grip glue, added Velcro to the battery pack and attached to the one inside.

Next I mixed green acrylic paint with a small amount of water making a wash poured into a bigger PVC hose tube giving it a green like Antifreeze color. I continued by attaching the PVC hose from left to right ear to ear around the back of the Helmet securing in place through other holes drilled using screws and washers.

I distressed the side panels of the computer case using a stroke motion with silver spray paint and attached to the sides of helmet using screws from an old clothes rack over the PVC hose on left and right sides.

I then attached a red rubber hose to the edges of the helmet first by cutting down the center of the hose from one end to the other and gluing to the helmet by the opening I had cut on the hose. Distressed again with metallic silver spray paint with a stroke motion using a rag.

Next I attached a Japanese style Finniel on top of helmet through the hole already there by the manufactures, added springs in a twist motion through the air vents first spraying a copper color, copper color washers over every drilled hole, PVC Gears , Steampunk style Metal gears, braided hair with bone attached, and sprayed the helmet with a triple thick gloss finish.

And thus the Helmet was born

Thank you for viewing

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