Extreamly Sneaky Magic Trick Revealed! #magictutorials

About: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff that is being taught so I decided to create a youtube channel where I teach my own ...

Intro: Extreamly Sneaky Magic Trick Revealed! #magictutorials

This video will consist of a really sneaky magic trick tutorial with a deck of cards! this trick is really easy and can be accomplished by beginners! The one disadvantage to this magic card trick is that it requires lots of set up. Although this trick does require set up it is still a really awesome magic trick over all! you will be able to guess the spectators card under impossible consonances! You leave the room, the spectator cuts to any card in the deck, the spectator puts the card in the card box and hides the box. when you come back in you can instantly predict the exact card they cut to! sounds impossible? just watch this tutorial and find out how. I don't think it is necessary but if you want to make this effect even more insane you can get the spectator to shuffle the deck and then switch the deck with the rigged one. I do not believe this is necessary though because nobody should suspect that the deck is rigged in the first plaice.




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