Extreme Clean Your Video Card and Lower Temps

Introduction: Extreme Clean Your Video Card and Lower Temps

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A quick tutorial on how to get your video card really clean when canned air just isn't going to do the trick. This video was made using a card a friend of me asked to refurbish for him, it turned out that the card was just dirty beyond belief. This should also be submitted as an anti smoking video to show the effects of second hand smoking on electronics.



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    I use Arctic Silver in almost 100% of my referb and cleaning projects. However when I do a new build for a customer I usually use cooler master's paste compound for the simple fact that it's easier to clean up during upgrades and cleanings later if one of my customers decides to tackle one of those tasks.

    nice, if it had been overheated alot then i would have (and have done with cards in same state) replaced the heat transfer compound on the gpu and such, will likely get it running even cooler.

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    Should have said something in the comments when I moved the video over. I actually did replace the thermal compounds on the card, I just didn't film it. I got the same response on youtube. I always seem to forget to include a key step in the tutorials. Good catch though. I recommend using arctic silver.

    yea arctic silver is the better, if u know wat your doing X3
    some people slop way too much of that stuff on and short out their card/mobo. hence why some pc shops no longer sell arctic silver, only ceramic ones ;)