Extreme Fume Extractor or Fume Hood



So If you do soldering, welding, painting, chemistry, anything that needs extraction.

This is very good for all of that.

It is made of:





Step 1: Planning and Assembly

Starting with and empty shelf like from home depot or lowes. They cost $50. They are great for garage storage and here, I'm using it as "ducting" for the fans to create an "extraction unit" for the soldering station table. I also do grinding and some other messy stuff so this is my favorite equipment.

Since it is a configurable shelf it will be very helpful to know your desk, air input and output layout before cutting cardboard. Simply enclose the shelf and leave openings for the fans and the extraction inlet. BAM.

For the final touch, another piece of cardboard can be used for a hood so that absolutely no air will escape.

The fans were just what I had laying around and maybe you can find similar, the Lasko metal fans are amazing.



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