Extreme Gun!!!




Introduction: Extreme Gun!!!

Step 1: Introduction

This mod/invention will turn a marshmallow gun into a nerf gun that HURTS! So far I have put holes and rips in paper and have tested all kinds of bullets and I found out that mega darts,suction darts and Velcro darts work the best oh and whistler tips too!

Step 2: Materials

For this you will need 1/2 inch PVC for barrel and a marshmallow blaster most will work for this and some duct tape and finally some nerf bullets but no streamlines or elite bullets

Step 3: Step 1

First you need to select a barrel length and then cut your PVC tube to that size

Step 4: Step 2

Next you will need to wrap duct tape around the barrel until it fits snug with the marshmallow gun

Step 5: Step 5

Now put the barrel in the marshmallow gun and put a dart in and fir away

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    6 years ago

    Hey guys this is my instruct able on how to make a cool gun I will note that I am not responsible for any injury that happens. you can put all kind of homemade attachments on this thing to turn it into an air soft, or a paintball gun and so on I hope you enjoy it