Extreme Marshmallow Shooters - Sniper Version




Introduction: Extreme Marshmallow Shooters - Sniper Version

I worked in the Museum of Natural Science this summer and wanted to have some fun with my students. I looked up online and found marshmallow shooters, specifically on this site. I liked the designs, but felt that the kids would get bored and I wanted the making of the guns and following "war" to be really entertaining and take a couple of days to complete... so I sat down and invented a rifle any kid would love. Attached is what I finally came up with, along with simpler and cheaper versions. The last is what I found on this site.  As for how to use... Like I told most of the kids I worked with... It is like trying to get a hair off the tip of your tongue without using your hands, or playing a trumpet... Try it and you will be launching mini marshmallows at least 100 feet with this rifle!

Good luck and good hunting!



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    Looks great! I am so going to make one of these. The only difference I might do is making the scope mounted higher. I'd have to play around with it to see for sure. But I love the look. :) Currently I have a Marshmallow shoot like one of these https://www.google.com/search?q=marshmallow+gun&es... I wanted to get something that looks a little more eh... I guess "sexy" is the word I'm looking for... :)

    Hello, Silver Wolf, I still don't get the swell-looking stock you came up with; I've looked all over for the 90-degree P-trap elbows, and have only found standard drain traps. Where did you find them--hardware store? Which one? Thanks so much.

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    Lowes has them. They are pricey compared to 90 degree elbows, but they look better!
    here is a link to item:

    Thank you! Yes, that type of P-trap looks awesome. I'm going out there today to get 'em. Probably going to go for the silencer, too . . .

    Just for looks, 2 - 1/2" couplings with a piece of flex 1/2" pvc electrical conduit. painted 1/2" PVC will work as well. The kids liked it since they thought it looked like a silencer attachment.

    Not complicated at all... The mini marshmallow fits perfectly into 1/2 PVC and blocking is necessary at the points indicated on directions. I used nickels since they fit perfectly into the fittings. Once you build one yo will see that you can basically make one in about 10 minutes.

    I built one and added a few of my own modifications, and dang. This thing is so manly.