Extreme Science Weekly Videos to Encourage and Inspire Children

About: I have the best job ever! I get to do science assemblies for elementary schools and after school science programs along with science summer camps and birthday parties! I love learning new things and creat...

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Wow, 60 seconds isn’t enough time to tell someone what you are passionate about!  My name is Rick Turner but I go by “Radical” Rick.  As I stated in the video, which I hope you have already watched, I absolutely LOVE my job!  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with children and I have the honor of making a difference in their lives.  I get to make an impression on an average of 6 – 8,000 children each year at assemblies and shows in my community.  It amazes me when I have schools where almost 40% of the students convince their parents to pay extra money to allow them to stay after school to learn more about science!  Actually, our goal has never been to “teach” the kids science.  Our goal is to get kids EXCITED about science and help them gain confidence in themselves.  When I was a kid, I didn’t believe in myself.  I believed that I wasn’t smart enough to understand science.  The biggest impact that I can have on these kids is to instill confidence in them.

We live in a world where social media has now made it possible for us to impact children, and families around the world.  We want to begin producing weekly videos that will encourage families to sit down once a week to explore something fun and exciting TOGETHER.  We will send out a message early in the week to let the parents know what supplies they will need so that they can do the experiments as they watch the videos each week.  The supplies will be inexpensive, common materials that can be easily obtained, if they don’t already have them on hand.  As always, safety is our number one concern and all experiments will be safe and stress the importance of parent involvement.  Of course, for all of you “big” kids out there like myself, we plan do plan on producing videos for larger (safe) experiments that you can do as well.


This $25,000 will be used for renting the area where we will record the videos, purchase all of the necessary video equipment, lighting, software programs and, after producing this video…. A MUCH faster computer and video card!  If there is enough money, we would also like to purchase a high speed digital camera (6,000 frames per second) that will enable us to show exactly what is happening with the experiments to help the children truly understand what happened and why.  It is one thing to explain to the kids what is going on and why something reacts the way it does, but you open up a whole new world when the children get to actually see it for themselves!  I get to spend my days experiencing children who, all of a sudden, realize that they are smart enough to understand… and enjoy science.  It gives me Goosebumps every time I meet a young adult who recognizes me from their childhood and stops me to thank me for making a difference in their lives.  You can be a part of changing lives .  Help us make a difference in children’s lives today.

Thank you.

FYI – We will NOT use the Jack Daniels barrel in any experiments that would cause damage to the barrel.





Hi, my name is Radical Rick and I have the great pleasure of operating a small business called Extreme Science where we offer hands-on science to children in our community.  I absolutely love my job!!!   I get to go out and make slime, shoot off rockets and blow stuff up!  How cool is that?  Even better ….  I get to watch as children realize how much fun science really is.  The best part is when they realize that they can do it! 

We want to begin producing weekly videos that will be available to children worldwide.  I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can.  Our intent is to encourage families to experience something new and exciting each week, together as a family.  This $25,000 will help us to rent the studio and purchase the necessary video and lighting equipment to produce these high quality weekly videos. 

When you decide to award this money to our project, you are not only helping us to gain independence, you are helping children around the world to gain independence as well.  Please help us to make a difference in children’s lives today.



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    Bill WW

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutly great, Rick!

    "...almost 40% of the students convince their parents to pay extra money to allow them to stay after school to learn more about science! "

    Sulfur hexafluoride gas - strange to see those words again. I had that gas used when I had major eye surgery; vitrectomy for detached retina. After surgery the surgeon injects a small amount of the gas into the eye, it remains there as a bubble for a week or so. Maybe the hgh density of the gas has something to do with it.