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Introduction: Extreme Wilderness Bunker!

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Lost in the woods? No place to call home? Live near the wilderness? Just wanna have fun? It's time for the extreme survival bunker! It's kinda like owning your own little cave, except more awesome. It can be as big or little as you want it, and it's plenty easy to build (me and my little brother built it!) Besides who else you know has their own bunker? Lol none of YOUR friends...you know why? it's too extreme, for them! It's the call of the hardcore your hearing, this is the extreme survival bunker!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Ok, now onto what you'll need:

1. Twine
2. a Knife (for cutting twine, clearing small brush,etc...)
3. Lots of sticks and logs
4. Dead Leaves
5. and a Rake 
6. Hardcore builder (Booyah!)

That's all you'll need! See, easy! Keep going.

Step 2: Clear the Area

Now get your rake, and clear the leaves and sticks from the building site. This is what you"ll be laying on so you will want to make it pretty nice and clear. 

Step 3: Gather Sticks

You'll want to gather a bunch of sticks into a big pile so your not constantly having to go back in the woods in search of more sticks.

Step 4: Get the Main Beams

Now go find or cut your main beams, they'll need to be long and very strong so they can hold all of the weight of the rest of the structure. The two I chose were probably about 20 feet long, but however long is fine as long as you fit inside.

Step 5: Bury the Main Posts

Now you'll need to find two sticks about 4-5 feet tall for the main supports. Dig a hole about 6-10 inches deep, bury the end of the stick, and tamp the dirt in around the stick. Dig the holes as far apart from each other as wide as you want your door.

Step 6: Lash the Main Beams to the Main Supports

Next hold the long beam at an angle to the main support and lash the two together with twine. Do it to both sides so they both look the same. You should have to triangles of wood that are parallel to each other. 

Step 7: Lash Sticks to the Main Beams

Next your going to lash sticks perpendicular to the main beams.  This will be the roof. Do it all the way down the beams, lashing both sides of each stick to the beams.

Step 8: Side Supports

I then added two side supports to the frame for extra stability. Just jam one end into the ground and lash the other to the main support with twine. Keep checking your hut, and comparing it to mine to make sure it's coming along right.

Step 9: Add the Sides

Now add sticks to the side of the bunker, at the same angle as your side supports are. Place the sticks as densely together as possible, later you'll be throwing leaves over top of these side walls. Large cracks in side walls=large amount of leaves falling on your sleeping bag at night. The denser the better.

Step 10: Add the Leaves

Now use those leaves you raked out of your way early on to cover the shelter. You'll need lots more than just those leaves, but it's a start. Cover the top first, and then the sides. Use whatever good leafy debris you can find, we found these great little flower plants that worked great for the sides! Get at least a couple inches of leaves all over the bunker, once again the denser the better. If you expect rain it'll mean keeping dry and warm, or being cold and wet.

Step 11: Finished!

Now your finished! You can go show off what you built to your friends, brag on facebook, sleep in a super cool bunker, or pat yourself on the back, cause you've just built yourself an extreme wilderness bunker. Booyah!

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    I have a great post on making a shelter in the woods on my website you can check out as well. It goes over quite a few different shelters you can make with and without gear. I am a wilderness survival expert so I have more of a primitive living slant.

    Making a shelter in the Woods is hard. But it is an adventure to lead a life in Wilderness. It is helpfull to learn survival skills and also carrying with some tools.

    That's really cool!me and my brother build things like this all the time,the most recent is a perfect circle of little trees with 2-3 ft wide gaps.we mede a roof and some of the wall,he said he doesn't want to do it anymore,so I'm on my own.nice job with the structure!I'd love to see more of yours!

    2 replies

    If You face the entrance to the north, There will more often depending where u are. If You face it to the east, when you wake up in the morning than you will have some good sun to warm u up

    A good step to add, would be a platform to keep you off the ground. Away from criitters and water in bad weather

    4 replies

    Also, we careful where you build your bunker... don't build it directly under a tree as large limbs (known as Widow Makers) can fall on your shelter and do some serious damage.

    Thanks for the 'ible- looks like you all had a great time!

    Also, you want to be sure that your entrance will not be facing towards flowing water such as might happen in a gully. You want it to be on an elevated surface and not in a depression. If possible you might want to line the bottom of your bunker with pine or cedar needles to cushion your floor.

    too awesome! I wish I had the natural ''know how'' for this kind of stuff!

    A skill you might want to learn/try is making rope in the wilderness. Rope have more uses than one can imagnine and has played a very important roll in civilization's development. Learning about rope's history and how to make it is interesting and challenging! And then there's knots...really interesting stuff there too and lots of sites here and on YouTube that teach about those. Great job guys. Keep building and adding to those skill sets. Ya never know when they might come in handy!!

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    If you haven't already found him, check out Tom Brown's wilderness survival books. He talks a lot about the kind of shelter you've built here. He calls it a debris shelter if I remember correctly. He also talks about a lot of other wilderness stuff and I think you'd enjoy the read. I'll bet your local library has copies of his many books and I know Amazon does as well.

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    Wow ok i'll check that out! Yeah actually the debris hut is my favorite shelter to build, i had to tear down the debris hut i had there before to make the new shelter! I'll put up some pics of it.