Extreme Super Smelter in Minecraft

Introduction: Extreme Super Smelter in Minecraft

This super smelt is kind of survival friendly and makes smelting 8X faster.

Step 1: Make the Base.

Start with a 4X13 platform and remember to make it face East or West to know do shift F3.

Step 2: Starting the Power

Start with placing a block(in this case it's iron) on the top right of the plateform and then place a redstone block right infront of it.

Step 3: Placing the Rails

Now place powered rails on the red stone block and keep going forward until the rails don't turn on.

Step 4: Were the Food Goes and Comes

Replace the block that are under the rails accept the one on the redstone block with hoppers facing away to the redstoneblock. Then place back the rails and put a block at the end. Then put a large chest on the far left and conect the hoppers to it. Finally put hoppers facing the rail but not the rail on the redstoe block.

Step 5: Cooking Time

Place furnaces on top of the hoppers then put hoppers going into the furnaces top and front. Then place 2 blocks

in line with the front hoppers like shown. Then place 3 blocks in line with the top hoppers and place a block and the 3rd and place one on the 2nd on the front.

Step 6: Placing More Rails

Now place rails on the hoppers and connect them to the iron as shown. Then place the block with a redstone torch on it as shown.

Step 7: Ending the Rails.

Place 2 blocks ontop of the bottom row going out. Now place 2 blocks inline with the top row going out. Then finish both rows by placing a block as shown. Then place a normal rail connecting to the top row then powered rail and repeat that on the middle row.

Step 8: Where the Food Comes In

place the hoppers as shown and place dobble chests on them.

Step 9: Wireing

Now get a compareter running out of the hopper into a block with a redstone torch, then put a block ontop of the torch and add 2 blocks to it as shown.

Step 10: More Wireing

Now put redstone dust on top of the blocks then on each end a redstone torch.Then put 3 blocks as shown and put redstone dust all three.

Step 11: The Front

Place block around the chests but put redstone lamps under the chests accept the bottom chest, and put slabs ontop all chests to make them accessable.

Step 12: Even More Wireing

Now place a redstone torch on the block as shown and then place all the blocks as shown.

Step 13: More Wireing

Place a redstone torch as shown and place all the blocks a shown.

Step 14: Placing the Minecart Chests.

Place minecart chests on all rows as shown.

Step 15: Finishing It Off

Remember the left chest is things that smelt and the right chest is fuel.Also if the lights are on it's ready. And brake the block that is diagonal to both lamps, then put a lever inside the hole.

Step 16: Result

This super smelter can smelt 64 items in 1m 30s (32 items 45s).

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    Question 6 weeks ago

    When will the redstone lights turn on mine don't (pure survival)


    5 years ago

    Not good if you want the xp.