Items :)

Introduction: Items :)

About: I am a high school student who loves doing pretty much anything related to robotics, electronics, programming especially python, and minecraft especially redstone creations.

Things to acquire:


soldering iron


wire strippers (optional)

wire cutters (optional)


perfboard (small)

Arduino (Duemilanove)

LEDS (42, any color)


soldering skills

arduino programming enviorment

Step 1: Soldering :)

Now you take all of your LEDS and arrange them as shown in the pictorial below.  The circles represent the LEDS the arrow on top represents all of the positive leads of the LEDS in one direction, and the arrow on the left represents all of the negative LED leads connected together.  The purple numbered boxes represent the digital pins on the arduino duemilanove.  Leave pin 6 empty, solder all of the leads together and MAKE SURE THAT THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE LEADS DO NOTOUCH AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Then use wires and solder all of the leads with wires to the appropriate pins.  Do NOT actually solder on the arduino just stick the wires in.

Step 2: Programming



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    6 Discussions

    looks cool, couldn't a loop be used to create the spiral effect instead of hard coding it?

    the picture shows 5x5 but did you make one and if you did how big is it?

    Consider some current limiting and the max current per pin and port. You current design can strain both the led's and the arduino.

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    Nice, but try to extend it and make it more detailed. Try showing how to code it.