Extremely Easy Lantern DIY

Introduction: Extremely Easy Lantern DIY

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to make this easy and very relaxing lantern you need :

-a glass jar , I used a small rounded fish tank .

-acrylic spray paint , any color u like I used a golden color .

-paper tape or stickers of any shape u like .

-a pencil & a scissor and a candle of course :) .

watch the video please , and i will write the steps in english

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Step 1: Start by Cleaning the Jar ..

preferably by washing it with water and soap then dry it well .

Step 2: Make the Stars ..

if you don’t have stickers !

you should start by drawing stars on the paper tape and cutting them out ..

then stick them on your glass jar

of course you can make any shape you like ! hearts ,dots , stripes or any thing

Step 3: Painting ..

spray paint your lantern with an even coat of acrylic paint and let it dry completely before adding a second coat if you want ..

I sprayed only one coat & it was fine .

Step 4: Finally ..

wait for it to dry at least a few hours before removing your stars ..

then put a candle inside light it & enjoy it :) ..

if you make this please share the photos in comments , or hashtag #GOLDENLIBYAN on instagram and twitter ....

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    5 years ago

    This seems easy enough for me to do lol. thankyou for the clear instructions and sharing. when I do mine I'll post them!