Extremely Easy Sparker

About: Hi I’m an MK who lives in Africa. I like anything that shoots, explodes.etc.

Have you ever wanted a spark to ignite your pyrotechnics but were worried about them blowing up in your face. If the answer is yes, then search no more.

Parts list
Empty/full lighter

2ft wire

Glue gun
Sharp knife
Wire strippers

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Step 1: Dismantling the Lighter

Unscrew it and remove fuel lines and fuel tank. And then look at the photo.

Step 2: Gluing

Just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Attaching Longer Wire

Strip the ends and connect one to one and one to one, tape connections separately.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Put it all back together. To use, strip 1mm off the end of the wire and arrange 2mm apart and pull the trigger. Feel free to comment.



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