Extremely Simple "Eggcellent" Night Light




This is a very simple version of the Eggcellent Night Light!. If you haven't seen this instructable, I'd suggest that you take a look at it. I actually wanted to make it, but didn't have the patience. So I found an easier way to make one. Check this out!

Parts needed on the first step

Step 1: Parts Needed


(1) Egg
(1) Roll of electrical tape
(1) LED, I used a 3.5V - 4V one
(1) 3V watch battery, I used Energizer 2032
(1) Film cannister
(1) Magnet


Scissors or knife to cut tape because the stuff wont rip...
Wall Tack
skewer or chop stick

Note: Make sure your LED is diffused, otherwise your night light will have a brighter top than base. You can buy them diffused already, but if it isn't already, just use some of that frost that comes in a can. If you use frost, be sure not to spray it on the (+) or (-) ends of the LED.

Step 2: Hollowing the Egg

This part is pretty simple. Take an egg and your tack, and use the tack to poke 2 holes, one in the very top and one on the very bottom. The top hole doesn't have to be centered, but its kind of important that the bottom hole is in the center because the LED will be placed into that part. Here is where you can use the skewer to make the hole in the bottom bigger, that way the egg snot can be blown out of it. Right now, you just have an egg with two holes, but this is where it becomes only slightly fun. Blow into the top hole, which causes the snot to be pushed out of the bottom hole. When the egg is hollow and dried, use the tack or the skewer to make the hole in the bottom just the right size for the LED to fit into it. Now onto the next step!

Step 3: Lets Light This Up a Bit

Grab your LED, watch battery, and electrical tape. Put the battery in between the LED wires and test the LED. Use the tape to tape together the positive end of the LED to the positive side of the battery. Make sure the battery is in between both wires.

Step 4: Lets Use Some More Tape Shall We?

Alright, now that you have your hollowed out egg and your LED assembly, Place the led into the egg and tape it into place so that it looks like the picture below. Now that it is all one piece, this is where the magnet comes into play. Remember how we didn't tape the negative wire onto the battery? Well, we're going to use the magnet to hold that wire onto the batter to complete the circuit. Ooooh, I love that glow. And now, when you don't want your eggcellent night light on, just take off the magnet.

Step 5: TADA!

Alright, well, now that its glowing, just set the egg onto the film cannister and it's finished! Hope you enjoyed it.



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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 5

    I can't believe how extremely simple this is. O_O

    NOW.... To just get un-lazy....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love this. My son has always been fascinated by lights and since his birthday is coming up, I thought that I would get him a whole bunch of led lights and things that are needed. BIG question is, where do I purchase the supplies?

    2 replies

    get the parts here really cheap don't go to radio shack they over price there stuff, p.s. this site is really reliable. www.goldmine-elec.com


    Hey! Someone likes it! I got all my supplies at radioshack. I bought the LED for like $2.50, the battery for like $3, and the tape for just a few bucks. Well, to be honest, I bought my batteries and tape at walmart, but its all at radioshack.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great job. I really love eggs. I can't believe I've never thought of this, so simple, and amazing result. Great job, I really want to try this out for fun. It looks really cool to do. +5/5 stars.

    1 reply

    Haha, thanks. I'm really happy with it. And that battery lasts a very long time. I still have the original in my egg and I use it every night. I'm currently working on making one that turns on and off from the light. Like when its dark, its on; when it's light, it turns off to make it a lot easier and conserve power. If thats a success, I'll make another instructable. I'm also going to try one that plugs into the wall. But I don't know if I'll use an egg. You'll have to wait for an instructable on those ones. ;)