Extremely Useful Headboard





Introduction: Extremely Useful Headboard

I made this headboard -some time ago- from two cube shelves, three big wood boards and wallpaper. The idea was to make the most of space in the bedroom and to hide shoes scattered around.

As you can see, lateral cubes serves as night tables, to place clothes in use, storage usual stuff and decoration. In bottom cubes, I added small wood boards to keep shoes. Finally, behind wallpapered boards I store non usual stuff (because I need to move the bed away to open them).

A gap is needed to gain access to shoes, so I added another wallpapered board to bed with three screws (and also the pillows don't fall down).

Hope you like it!



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    I would make the headboard large piece of slidey board so I wouldn't have to move pillows to open the top shelf doors. Either way youd still have to move the bed to get to the bottom shelves behind the bed :P Love it, very pretty and different.

    Hey! That's very cool, clever and.... pretty!! I like it.
    Oh, my phone is just like yours XD

    This is very clever! Might try something like this in the future in order to get rid of my nightstands altogether.