Extremely Powerful Knex Gun Easy

Introduction: Extremely Powerful Knex Gun Easy

Extremely powerful knex gun easy to make not many pieces to make

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Step 1: Gather Theese Pieces


6 red rods
14 yellow rods
5 dark blue rods
3 white rods
10 small green/black rods

5 white circle connectors
12 yellow connectors
8 red connectors
3 orange connectors

12 grey clips
10 peach connectors (the 1's with the pins sticking out at one end)
2 small light blue clips
5 black clips (there is a pic in the step 1 box)

Please go 2 next step

2 thick large bands
2 medium thick bands
4 medium thin bands

Step 2: Handle


10 yellow connectors
1 blue rods
1 orange connector
6 small green rods
1 grey rods

and it should look something in the pictures

Step 3: Firing Rod


1 red rod
1 orange connector
1 medium thin band cut
and some tape (I used masking tape)

connect the connector to one end of the red rod
wrap the cut elastic band round the rod next to the connector
and put tape over top to secure it ad stop it disconnecting when firing

Step 4: Barrel

7 red rods
14 yellow rods
4 small green rods
3 white rods
5 white circle connectors
2 yellow connectors
8 red connectors
1 orange connectors
11 grey clips
10 peach clips
5 black clips
2 light blue clips
4 dark blue rods

then assemble it

Step 5: Assembley and Elastics

the rest of bands
and handle and firing rod

put rod through the back (yellow connector
facing down)

handle in the gap at bottom

and elastics do it in this pattern two at the bottom two at the top so it don't bend it and one on the trigger a shown in the pics

Step 6: Load and Fire!

requirements: as many dark blue rods as possible

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