Extruded Candle



Introduction: Extruded Candle

Here is an instruction to make a candle from a particular process inspired by rope pottery

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Step 1: Extruded Candle

1 . Draw on your favorite drawing software the pattern that will serve you to build the structure of the candle

Step 2:

2. Print and cut your shapes from the paper

Step 3:

3. Redraw your shapes on a sheet of plywood the same width as the notches in your circles

Step 4:

4. Cut them into the plywood

Step 5:

4. Mount your structure and surround it with a very long wick

Step 6:

5. Pour the hot wax on the string by turning the structure

Step 7:

6. Smooth the wax with a hair dryer

Step 8:

7. Remove the plywooden structure from the string

Step 9:

8. Your candle is ready

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    1 year ago

    What a cool project! Thanks for sharing!