The items you will need is a pice of paper, 2 markers (black)and(green,brown,or blue),and a pencil.

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Step 1:

Grab a peace of paper.

Step 2:

Then draw a Circle(O).

Step 3:

After, draw a smaller circle inside the bigger circle.

Step 4:

Draw a tiny circle 1 inch / to your left.

Step 5:

Draw a lazy smile connecting from Side to side.

Step 6:

Repeat step 5 but make it I cm. lower.

Step 7:

Draw inside like the pick shown.

Step 8:

Get your markers.

Step 9:

Grab your eye color.

Step 10:

Outline like shown in the pick.

Step 11:

Then color inside the content like shown is the pick.

Step 12:

Grab your black marker.

Step 13:

Outline like in pick

Step 14:

Color in content like shown in pick.

Step 15:

Draw a hukish like thing like shown in pick.

Step 16:

Outline with black marker like shown in pick.

Step 17:

Color in content like shown in pick.

Step 18:

And for fun. Make tiny dots on the bottom of eye (dues not mater what color).

Step 19:

And then your done.

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