Eye Cream - for Reduction of Dark Circles




If u always wanted to get rid of those dark patches around your eyes..... And did not find anything effective ....
It is this home made cream...... All that you need !!
So let's get started ....

Requirements :
1) coconut oil ( or Vaseline )
2) vitamin E capsules
3) a small container ( for storing )
4) a heating pan
5) safety pin ( or anything pointed )

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Step 1: The Preparation !!

1) take 2 tbsp of coconut oil or Vaseline ( 1 tbsp ) [ or any other petroleum jelly ]

Step 2:

2) add the gel of 4-5 vitamin E capsules

{ Process : take a vitamin E capsule and prick it at the corner and then squeeze out of the gel. }

Step 3:

Take a heating pan and mix them until it becomes liquid ....... Stir it properly

Step 4:

Store it in a container and keep it in the freezer in the refrigerator till it becomes solid

Step 5: And You Are Done

It's that simple and you're done
how to use : before sleeping , take it on your ring finger, and apply it around your eye , like a circle.

That's it

Hope u enjoyed this instructable

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    Thnks a lot and pls do vote in the remedies challenge