Eye Finger Painting




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This artwork took me around 15 minutes to create, if you're not as artistically skilled then it may take longer.

Step 1: What You Will Need

This is what you will need:
-canvas or a sketchbook
-red, blue, black and white Acrylic paint

Step 2: Starting the Painting

For the first step you'll need to draw out the outline of the eyebrow and the eye, you can mix the paints for the background. Once the background has been filled go around the outline of your drawing with black paint by using your fingers.

Step 3: The Eye

For this part you'll need to draw the iris with the black paint if you feel as its not correct you can redraw the lines by just creating the new lines. Once you are happy with the shape you can then colour the eye what ever colour you want. I chose blue, I also added different shades of blue to create a better effect, once the eye has dried you then need to draw the inside of the eye with black paint.

Step 4: Detail

To add detail I used white paint to add a glare in the eye, I then went around the side of the eye with grey paint to create shading.

Step 5: Final

For the final piece I ended up changing the eyebrow to a eyelid by using black paint, I also added a line underneath the eye to create a 3D look.
Thanks you for reading this instructable.



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    2 years ago

    Amazing!!!! So talented