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On the last step I have put up pictures of the eyes. Please comment if you have any tips and vote if you like it =)

Last year I did my first instructable. This year I will start up with a new Eye. Fast to make and its all in your imagination what you do with it.

A lots in this instructable is visual so not much text to read. Ask and I will answer if you wonder.

This you need:

Brusches, at least one hard
Sharp knife
Plastic Wrap
Permanent Marker, sharp tip
Cotton Wool ball
Toilet paper or something like it
A box
Cutting board

Step 1: Latex the Ball

I coat the ball with one layer of latex. When dried I make another layer that I coat with some paper, the more work you put in, the more imagination you have the happier you will be.

Step 2: Plastic Wrap

This is how I did the Iris.

As image shows I have painted some already, it became a bith thick line but nothing gets perfect first times around and I have ten more to do.

I cut a hole in the plastic wrap using a sharp knife and my old dvd. Put it over my soon to be eyeball.

Step 3:

I now use a brush, a hard one, to spray some color on the eye as iris. On this I used green and blue and just one spray of red. I also used a line of red just to see what I could do.

Amount of layers sprayed will effect the outcome as you will see on my next step where I have two made this way.

Step 4: The Outcome

On the one featured in this instructable I did not use paper all over, on the yellow I coated it and crumbled it all over with more work into it.

Takes around the time to get latex to dry between to make this.

Fast n easy.

Step 5: More Pictures

The eyes =) Im not a expert painter and theese are like a huge experiments with every eye, but watercolor has alots of pigments in it so once its on you cant remove it. But you can use more color =) and as it is halloween groose it out is easy.

When using theese at halloween they will be with more blood and so so I will add some end pictures after Halloween =)

Good Luck and have fun :=)

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    Thanks =) And someone noted that he used Glue, cgrone below, and that got me thinking so I actually dipped them in latex when dried and they get a crazy eye-glossy feeling. I thought that the watercolour would be more sensitive than it was. =)


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    I didnt have any clay, I had some paper balls that I have no clue on what the name is in English. So mine are really light and a bit soft as well.


    7 years ago on Step 4

    Very nice instructable. I made a few for the fun of it to see how they would turn out.
    They turned out great. I tried it with some Sculpey clay as well and this is what came up with. Fast and realistic. I added some Liquid latex to mine and tore it a little to give it the effect of a torn pupil. I found that Clear Elmers Glue gives you a nice sheen and glossy effect as well as seals the eyes.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks for the glue thing I have tried to find a way to make it glossy without destroying =) Latex is the thing to build it up a bit all around. The more work you put in with latex and paper the better it will be. I have two eyes I did work alots more with and when holding it its a bit soft and you get a really bad feeling in your spine. I just love what you can do and the only limit is your self.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you =) I have soon ten or eleven more that I will show. None are the other alike and I have used the paper to build up a more fleshy structure on some. Last year I did my own version of other Ideas but this one is a 10-30 minute job depending on how much time/effort you want to put in.