Eye of Newt ( Potion Ingredient Bottle)

 I was trying to think of something completely different to make for our toddler this year. Some of my favorite Halloween decorations are my cauldrons and potion ingredient bottles. I thought this would be a cute idea for a toddlers costume.
    I made a simple bell shaped dress that came to her thighs and added a ring of boning at the bottom hem . Then I added on another 8 inches of fabric under the boning bringing the length to the floor.
    I printed out a label and glued it to a piece of fun foam and sewed that by hand to the front of the bottle. I had a string of eye-ball lights form the store that I removed the plastic eyes from and broke in half at the seam. I glued these to the bottle.
   The bottle cap is craft foam that I made  a cylinder from and then glued a circle to the top. The eye on the top is a painted ball that I glued on.
    This is a great light weight last minute costume. I made it in a couple of hours and it was inexpensive,too.
This would make a fun group costume. There are endless potion ingredients or elixirs that you could come up with.



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