EyeBall Little Desklamp Rusty Steampunk Full Metal

Introduction: EyeBall Little Desklamp Rusty Steampunk Full Metal

About: I´m an Professional Coach- and Boatbuilder, i work most of the time on restoring Classic cars and boats. I´m also a kind of metal artist or metaldesigner, mostly lamps and funiture and also robots. and do alot…


this is an little Desklamp i´ve made from scrap.

it´s made of an old Bosch bicycle lamp, an wood cutter an carengine valvespring, an cooper tube and an mobilphone charger.

-at first i bend the tube a bit to find an nicelooking form for it.
-then i drilled an hole in the lamp and brazed the tube to the lamp
-now i welded the woodcutter, wich i use for the stand, to the valvespring and a little plate to the top of the valvespring
-drill a hole in the diameter of the valvespring to the plate
-stick the coopertube to the hole so that it nearly comes to the ground
-braze the tube to the plate, now it should stand stable

-the cabeling is very easy because the conections and the switch are already mounted in the lamp, you only need to do the cables through the tube and clamp solder the to the switch.

hope you like

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    stylish. front grate could be added for light bulb protection and it would fit the style :)