Ezbot the Robot



Two year old Ezra was set on being a robot for Halloween. His Uncle Steve found the helmet at a retail store, but Mams (me) was tapped to create the rest of the costume. I used a large brown paper bag for a pattern, cutting arm and head openings. One side from the hem to the arm opening has velcro to allow putting on the costume. The body of the costume is a light weight upholstery fabric.
Metal front--disposible foil pan. attached with brass brads.
Knobs--recycled white plastic lids
Gears--collage of clip art gears glued to foil pan
Light--inexpensive tap-on/tap-off battery light. drilled a hole in the plastic, attached with wire
Hem--relflective safety tape
On the back we also attached old computer boards for a real geek look.



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