F-14 Tomcat Paper Airplane




Almost everyone out there has at one time or another folded and flown paper airplanes.  That's because they are simple (most of them) and fun to fly.  This model is based on a design I got from a book that I moded.  It looks incredibly cool, and, with proper tuning, can be an excellent flier as well.  Note: Precision is a MUST.  I have made slightly slopy versions, and they do not fly well at all.  (Sorry for the bad picture quality.  I had it set to the wrong setting.  I'll be sure to use the right setting in future Instructables.)

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Step 1: Materials/ Step One

1 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper
a roll of double sided tape (optional)
1 - pair of scissors (optional)
Step One:
Orient sheet of paper to portrait (tall way)


Step 2: Step Two

Fold the top of the page down to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Step Three

Without unfolding, fold the left side of the page to the right side.

Step 4: Step Four

Unfold Step Three.  There will be a line down the middle of the sheet.  Fold the left side of the paper so that the crease/edge will make a line from the bottom left corner to the top middle point.  Try to make this fold as exact as possible.  Unfold.

Step 5: Step Five

Repeat this with the right side of the plane.

Step 6: Step Six

This step is a little tricky.  Take the fold made in Step Four and make a squash fold.  For those who do not know what that is, basically take the fold from Step Four, "open" it up, and fold it down so that the left side crease (if it was still like Step Two) is aligned with the edge of the inside fold.  Repeat this for the right side using the fold from Step Five.  This must also be done with uttermost care and presicion.  (It looks like it is off in the picture. That is just the bendind of the middle due to the crease from Step Three.)

Step 7: Step Seven

Fold the outside flaps, made in the last step, to the backside of the plane.

Step 8: Step Eight

Open up the front flaps and fold the outside edge down to the middle.  Fold the flap back in.  Repeat with the flaps on the back.

Step 9: Step Nine

Finally, an easy step.  Fold the plane in half following the crease and direction of the crease made in Step Three (the one you should have down the middle of the plane).

Step 10: Step Ten

Fold both wings down.  There is a picture showing about where you should fold.

Step 11: Step Eleven

This step is the hardest one.  You can't really explain how to make the fold.  Just do what the pictures show to do.  (These ones were taken after I finished the plane.  If there are creases in the picture that are not one yours, don't worry at all.  They will come in time.  I also used the correct setting this time.  Much better pictures.

Step 12: Step Twelve

Pull up the wings and the wingletes (the little flaps you made in the last step).  Walah!  You now have your very own F-14 to fly.  If you want to, insert two small pieces of double-sided tape into middle, one  in the front and one in the back.  For those paper airplane geeks out there (not judging anyone), you can use the scissors to cut ailerons on the plane.  Note: Do not fly this plane outside.  This is an indoors only plane.  Wind severly messes up its flying.

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mr quickggonzalez campos

Reply 26 days ago

step 7 resembles 2 squash folds on the side of the plane so fold half of them backwards to behind the plane.

Okay, in Step 7 those flaps are quite a bit wider than they are in Step 8. In Step 8, you open along the crease and fold the outer edges in to the crease. You're basically making those flaps half the size they were in Step 7. Doe's this help?

mr quickCarter5345

Reply 26 days ago

it fly's a short distance before spyraling to the ground

mr quickBookworm3000

Reply 26 days ago

step 7 resembles 2 squash folds on the side of the plane so fold half of them backwards to behind the plane.

mr quickreza_vahedi

Answer 26 days ago

step 7 resembles 2 squash folds on the side of the plane so fold half of them backwards to behind the plane.


2 years ago

Too hard, Rage Quit I should have just built a wall a plane take to much time and effort and do you know how much we owe china 3.4 million dollars and japan much much more


2 years ago

Hard at first but really cool later made on for my friend


2 years ago

umm i stuck in step 11 a little help by someone??????


3 years ago

Wow! complicated,but, looks Awesome.


4 years ago on Step 8

This was difficult to interpret. Please try a little harder to explain. Or am I crazy?