F-16 Falcon




Sweeeeeeeeeeet. a military like plane than not only looks great, but flies even better! watch out! there is a vid of it flying. there is also a vid of how to make it if you can't be bothered to read the instructions. goes pretty well. even my best critic agrees!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

get a sheet of A4 paper. that is all you will need if you are experienced in origami. if you don't know how to cut paper without scissors, get some. Anyway, crease the paper like so, and get rid of that little rectangular strip at the side.

Step 2: Start to Fold

fold the paper as shown in the diagram. take the point and fold it to the center. now take the point and fold it to the middle of the line that was just created.

Step 3: Keep on Foldin'

Take the shortest and medium langth lines, and fold the small one to the medium one, as shown in the picture. now unfold it.

Step 4: Keep on Foldin'

at the line you just made, fold the corner over to make a triangle. take the 2 flaps on the top and left and fold them to that starting point that we had worked with before. also, fold in the corners so they align with the crease.

Step 5: Keep on Foldin'

take those edges that you made previously and fold them over. you'll need them for later.

Step 6: Yawn....Keep on Foldin'

now we get to do something! take the plane and fold in half from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. now, take the right side of the triangle and fold it so that the lower right edge meets up with the edge in the middle. look at the second pic for reference.

Step 7: Guh...Keep on Foldin' !!!!!!!!!!

take the top part and fold it down. make it as symmetrical as possible.

Step 8: Ur Almost Done!!! Just 5 or So More Steps!

turn it over, with the fold you jusy made facing the ground. take that piece of paper sticking up the air and fold it down, like how you did with the last fold.

Step 9: Keep.......... On............. Foldin'..............................

take ur 2 edges and fold to the middle. i only folded one so you can see what was going on. the second pic is what u should see if u open it up.

Step 10: As Usual......Keep on Foldin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as you can see, i have folded part of the crease down in the first pic. the second picture shows both "wedges" folded down.

Step 11: Just Keep on Foldin'

flip it over. you should see a flap. fold that up, and then look at the second picture. then, you fold those 2 wings out. in the 3rd pic, you are to fold the creases insode out. i have only folded 1 side so u can see the difference.

Step 12: Keep on Foldin'

now, fold that triangle flap down. turn it over. there are 2 more flaps sticking out. fold these into the top of the plane. refer to all 4 pics for reference.

Step 13: THE Final Step

now pretty much everything is done. all thats left is wings and decor. as shown in pic 2, fold the wings up. in pic 3, take the top part and fold part of it down. now fold the very end of it up. you have a military like F-16 Falcon!!!!



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    13 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 8

    translation: make a symmetrical squash fold


    8 years ago on Step 8

    step 7~8 is totally impossible

    The nerdling

    8 years ago on Step 8

    how do you do it and what are those things sticking out?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That looks freaking awesome! I definitely want to try it out, looks a bit complicated, but wow, nice job! +1 rating (and vote.)

    3 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great designe and...fly!!! It is a little difficult but it is worth!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i dont understand how you go through the 8th step i think i had it once but than step 9 was all messed up. make a video