F2000 Evolution

Introduction: F2000 Evolution

About: I ' m 12 and I French . I create crazy but small K'nex guns or something in K'nex ... I love Zelda on Wii or other warfare games . My best Kn'ex gun are : FFRS 001 ( Sligshot Sniper ) , V.G.N 013 ( Automatic...

Hello !

So this is my first very big gun , a F2000 . I have foget the silencer , sorry ... And sorry for the quality of the pictures too , it's a bit dark :s .... 


- Look's awesome 
- It works good
- Removable mag
- Detachable sight
- Adaptable sight
- Trigger's easy


- Not very awesome range ....
- If you put a lot of rubberbands , it can hit you in your face ! ( That's not a jock ... )
- You need to used the gun three or four times  to reload in a short time ....

So , that's all ;) ! That's the end of the poor small gun for my !

( Next gun : PWD-R . You can see it on Battlefield 3 blogs )


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the break :) ! That's the holiday , so I do a short break ! The F2000 V.02 come in January 2013!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good attempt, but it does have some things that could be better. For instance, the body is a bit too tall, and the front looks a bit odd because it narrows down to a point. Other than that, this is quite a nice gun. =D By the way, if you turn on a few lights and use a better camera, the picture quality will improve greatly.

    It's a little fat to be an F2000, it also needs some better angles. I'm in agreement with richtofen. Good try though.

    dr. richtofen

    It's not bad (far from that), but I must say that I've definatly seen better F2000 replica's. It looks good for a normal gun, but it is too far off on some parts to be a F2000. You could try to improve the angles on the handle, and on the front to be more realistic. The front-bottom should be rounded off, instead of an arrow shape. The top of the handle also looks a bit uncomfortable (the white connector on top of it). I do like the bottom of the stock, though. Please don't take this as an offence, or any in that way, but as constructive criticism. I would rate this one 3* as a standard gun, but at scale of 1~10 for replicas about 4,5-5. It has the overall looks a bit, but it's too far off. Keep up the work, and you'll gradually improve.