Introduction: F2000

This is just my f2000 (hence the title)
but yeah I have had a request from seleziona (I think that’s right) to post a slide show so yeah here it is.

Range around 20-40 only 40 with a super glued pin and electrical tape which I’ve found works very well and remember the firing pin is a red rod in length except it’s the cream strengthened ones.
Shoots blue rods the magazine holds 6 just because I couldn’t be bothered making a new magazine so this one is just one I had laying around but I will make a new one with a curve like the real one when i get round to posting it so that’s it.
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    I'm building it right now. Maybe some more internal pics?

    ...and the only one that takes any skill.

    Let me guess;  ACR, Famas, M16, and TAR-21 are the only weapons you use?

    Ah yes, I forgot the SCAR.

    The UMP .45 isn't much better.  You are one of the only other people I know who uses the Vector though.  I love it, especially with a holographic.

     the UMP is a good rushing gun but one more thing, why would you use a bad gun such as the F2000 just because it requires skill?

    If you burst it while using the holographic, it is great fun to use, and kills surprisingly quickly. 

    Nope, my weapon knowledge comes from research mainly. Here, almost 2 year ago, I was discussing how a weapon handles in a video game. Doesn't mean I think those characteristics apply in real life.

    WOOT! SCAR USER! I got almost everything for the scar, i have all attachments, but im at blue tiger, still working on red

    I think the extended mags is the best attachment for it because it's got quite small mags. I had fall camo on it until I prestiged :-/

    op, well i like to use bling, heartbeat sensor, holographic sight, blue tiger, and the striker, im only at red do sight for the striker, but i want extended mags, and when i get that ill put scavenger pro

    i havent prestiged, i dont have the game, i have friends bring it over and play, so im not much of a gamer, i do have an xbox and live, which turned to silver not to long ago, so im only level 63-64

    you got that right i unlocked and put it on one of my classes and took it sraight back off its rubbish