F5-G2 Kriss

Introduction: F5-G2 Kriss

About: Hi guys! Have you been looking for lego weapons? Well you have just reached russian_blackbird's lego armoury. There will be at least one more instructable lego weapon every month. Please comment on them. Bye!

This Kriss doesn't have a handle so it's kinda realistic and loose so if you don't like loose then don't build it.

Step 1: The Pieces

The pieces.

Step 2: Laser Barrel One

Start off by (metaphorically) turning the gunshot into a laser.

Step 3: Laser Barrel Two

These two cones are to (metaphorically) turn one laser shot of a Kriss into two using the two piece.

Step 4: Connect

Connect the pieces as shown below.

Step 5: To Battle!

Congratulations! You have just completed a F5-G2 Kriss! Here's some previews with batman holding it.

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