We made a fake(real-looking) camera using arduino uno, servo motor and LEDs.

Step 1: Fake CCTV Camera

What is it ?

It is a real-looking camera that can be installed to intimidate people.

Why to use it ?

it can be use to scare away people(or animals) that enter your house.

Step 2: Requirements

cardboard - 1

jumper wires - as required

LED - 4

micro servo - 9g

arduino uno - 1

power supply - 2 x 9v battery

Step 3: Procedure


1. connect the (+) pin of the battery to Vin and (-) pin to Gnd.

2. connect the (-) pin of servo to Gnd, (+) pin to 5V and Out pin to pin 9 on arduino.

3. make a series of 4 led's using 1 battery.

camera using cardboard

1. Cut a rectangular piece of a cardboard. Then fold it into a cylinder. Make 4 holes on one of the circular faces of the cylinder.

2. Make a cuboid using the cardboard by folding it.

Step 4: Code for the Camera


int potPosition;

int servoPosition;

Servo myservo;

void setup() {



void loop() {

potPosition = analogRead (A0);

servoPosition = map(potPosition, 0,1023,20,160);





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