FIN Money Holder

Introduction: FIN Money Holder

hi, this is my first instructable...i tried to use 123 design to make a different clip money...and this is the result!
i've made it in 2 hours, learning the software and making it.

i've had used the ipad's very simple and quicky to use!

Let me start!

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Step 1: Begin

start with "primitives>basic" and select the "pill"

after you can use the tools "resize" and "move" to reduce the pill to make a fin.

on this part are rolled banknotes

Step 2: Add Arm

now we insert the arm of the money holder ,which has the task of blocking the banknotes

we use a elbow, we resize ,rotate and move it with the same tools

1-we remove a part of the fin, using the icon to hollow an object. this icon is in the bottom bar, has a hexagon shaped.

2-after which you can add the arm and round it with the round tool

Step 3: Make the Wings

add a shape with "primitives>basic" and select the "c shape"

1- resize it
2- round the wings
3- move to the fin, resize it, and combine the shapes with the tool (at bottom bar)


you save on the device (ipad) or on the cloud.....and then change it even on computers


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