FINALLY - I Can Always Find My Keys!





Introduction: FINALLY - I Can Always Find My Keys!

It's late at night, the parking lot is deserted, the only car there is yours, you reach into your bag, to find your keys missing, you panic, you start digging in your bag desperately thinking when you saw them last.

as you dig you see a glint in the bag, and it's your keys, your heart is pounding, you unlock your car, and sit there for a few minutes to calm down.

Step 1: The Solution

I have had this happen to me, I know what it's like!

So I went and found at Walmart, a metal pill bottle, ($5.00) that you wear around your neck,

I removed the bottom part of it, and then epoxied a small neodymium magnet, that fit into the top cap, attached it to my keys, and it magnetizes to one of the snaps in the bag.

Step 2: 5 Pictures to Show You How Its Done.



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    3 Discussions

    Good idea, I like it! Just take care of not leaving your USB stick or SD card with data on it close to the magnet in your bag. It could get damaged by the strong magnetic field. The same happened to me two times, now I'm careful with those (useful) tiny magnets...

    Very Clever. I like it.

    Very smart, great idea! Glad you shared this! now I need to find my Epoxy....