FIRST FRC Team 2590's Electrical Subsystem Video

Introduction: FIRST FRC Team 2590's Electrical Subsystem Video

FIRST is organization sponsoring robotics competitions for children of all
ages. The First Robotics Competition (FRC) is the high school event where
teams compete each year to solve a robotics engineering challenge. Each robot
has a reasonably sophisticated electrical system with wireless networking,
speed controllers, relays, solenoids, sensors, etc.

There is lots of documentation to explain the proper wiring techniques,
however the volume of FRC documentation can be quite daunting.,
a FIRST supplier, challenged FRC teams to create an introductory video
tutorial for the 2011 season. The objective:

"... to demonstrate best practice wiring techniques showing proper
and legal connections, and SIMPLE explanations of how to wire up a
2011 FRC robot".

Team Nemesis, 2590, Robbinsville High School, created the following
video for this challenge.

Check it out and enjoy! For more information on FIRST, visit

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