Introduction: FISHing Lure EARRINGS

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Today I was in a fishing store and as always was drawn to the super realistic looking rubber fish. They are colorful, fun to look at and cheap.
So tonight I made some fish earrings.
I agree it isn't a new idea, BUT it 's quick and simple!
And you can get so many cool results in no time.

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

- tools
- jelly rubber fishing lure
- earring bases
- jewlery rings
- a needle for piercing

Step 2:

Take some strong tongs and clip off the hook. I squeezed it in a little more so that I didn't have anything sticking out of the fish. I then stuck a needle through the head and yes I know that sounds horrible and I also think the photo looks a little tough,
BUT it IS rubber!
Then you pull the ring through the hole and close it in the loop of the earring.



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    Just don't go swimming, or else you might have a much bigger fish hanging from your ear. (Because the fish trys to eat it)

    1 reply

    omg no shall not do that!

    I didn't even think about that!!!! :D