Introduction: FIX a LEAKY FAUCET

For my 2nd instructable we will tackle a leaky faucet. This will cover your basic $25-$50 dollar kitchen or bathroom faucet. Some may vary slightly but it's all basically the same. I've replaced several units with new ones,kept the old ones,rebuilt them and now i have several "backups" for my home.


Here we go. First turn off the shut off valves under your sink. Next turn on faucet,if water still drips out of faucet wait a few minutes to see if it stops.Still dripping? If it is then your shut off valves are faulty. Don't panic. Locate the MAIN water shut off for your home and turn it off. Still dripping? CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL !!! LOL If it's not dripping let's continue. Gently pop off covers with a knife "C" and "H". If you lop off the end of your thumb apply pressure and re apply the missing part of your thumb with super glue LOL Not bleeding? Let's continue.

Step 2: 2ND STEP

Under the "C" and "H" covers you will find a screw.Remove it and pop off the knob.

Step 3: 3RD STEP

With the knob removed find a wrench that fits the plastic nut.Some remove by turning counter clockwise and i have found some that do just the opposite. Most turn counter clockwise.RIGHTY TIGHTY LEFTY LOOSEY

Step 4: 4TH STEP

Pull up on this part when its loose and it pops right out. You can find this entir part at your local hardware store. If you are lucky enough to have a local Mom and Pop hardware store go there. You will save alot of time that way.Mom and Pop are smart and GLAD to help. If you have no Mom and Pop take a valium, pack a lunch and head for your local national chain hardware store. LOL Wanna save even more money???? let's continue.

Step 5: 6TH STEP

If you like takin' stuff apart or wanna save a few more bucks lets continue. In the pic #3 is a rubber "O" ring> Remove it. I find a dental pic works fine for this. Next twist #2 until the plunger thingy #4 protrudes from the bottom some turn out clockwise some counter clockwise. Remove it. Let's continue.

Step 6: 6TH STEP

Now that you have this removed you can remove the rubber "O" ring #5. NOTE: there are many different designs with different types of seals and "O" rings If you happen to get to this step and find a waxy rubbery cylendrical seal, FORGET IT. they are impossible to replace but you can buy the entire assembly that you removed from the faucet. When you have the parts just repeat these steps in reverse. BTW you might want to soak the parts you don't replace in some type of calcium and lime remover. Now wash your hands and get some dinner.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have replaced the the parts I removed from the the faucet handle, as instructed, but now instead of a slight drip, there is a steady stream of water. What did I do wrong?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    A few questions have been asked on the subject, now we have an answer!



    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    The assistance will be appreciated by the next person to ask the question (bookmarked) - and thanks again. L