FIX That Door That Opens or Closes Itself

Doesn’t drive you crazy when your door closes itself because it’s out of balance.Sure, you can put up with it. The fix is real easy so there’s really no excuse to have that door keep closing on you. when you’re carrying those groceries in the door will do what you wanted to do.Usually the last hinge is all that needs to be adjusted. You can use an old serial box to make a shim to balance the door. A simple fix that doesn’t take much time.

Step 1: Hinges

Take off the bottom hinge and if it still moves take of the second hinge.

Step 2: Cardboard Shims

Trace the shape of the hinge on cardboard and then cut it out. Put the hinge back together and watch to see if the door still closes. If the door still closes put a second cardboard shim in there and hopefully you fixed it!! :)

Don't forget to watch the video!! :) Thanks!

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