FIX Your Extension Cord BETTER THAN NEW

Introduction: FIX Your Extension Cord BETTER THAN NEW

If you ever damage or cut your extension cord, rather than throwing it away or buying expensive components to fix the extension cord, It’s just as easy to use off-the-shelf components to simply fix it. Enjoy!! :)

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Step 1: Modification to BX Cable Connector

Cut off the end of a BX connector and put your wire in to it. Then glue it on to the wire with Epoxy Glue Make sure you have plenty of wire to wire the outlet. Put the connector in to the box and secure it with the nut.

Step 2: Wire the Outlet

Strip a section of the wire so it can connect to the ground. Now let's wire the outlet, Black wire goes with the gold screw and the white wire goes with the sliver screw.

Step 3: Finished

Now screw in the outlet and the front plate, and now your done! In my opinion this is an upgrade to the normal cord.

Step 4:

Watch the the video!! :)

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    1 year ago 10 bucks. We make our own in industry all the time. I would also just buy some 16 awg 3 condcutor SJOOW cord. (this keeps you good for 15 amps) I found it here for 37Cents per foot Why would you risk an amature getting a light weight electrical cord and following your lead? If they do not check the wire gauge they can start a fire. There is also no telling what chemistry is going on with that epoxy and the wire insulation. Use a propper cord grip


    1 year ago

    I believe you are using FLEX connectors there. BX is metal armored cable - spiral wrap. That epoxy seal will eventually work its way loose on the slick wire insulation. You might be better off using a NM non-metallic cable connector which can clamp down on the wire for effective strain relief. Also do an underwriter's knot like in lamp bases to add to the strain relief which helps because the extension cord is moved around so much.