There have been many instance where people have to replace a whole assembly for a small broken part.

In my case i thought not to do that again. Why can't we fix small problems ourselves? as technology is getting very closer to our door steps. This instructable is all about how i fixed a broken bath mixer tap faucet. the instructable steps are pretty straight forward.

Step 1: Things You Need

1. A 3d printer

2. 3d printer filament(ABS or PLA)

3. STL file(attached)

4. Slicer software(in my case i used slic3r)

5. 3d printer host software(in my case i used repetier host)

Step 2:

Before we start i assume that you know how to 3d print a part. If you are not familiar with 3d printing, you can check here

I have attatched the stl file for the faucet lever with this instructable.

1. Download the stl file from the attachment

2. Slice the stl file using your favourite slicer( in my case i used slic3r)

Position: As shown in the image

Layer thickness : 0.2mm (Recommended)

Infill: 30%

support: not required

3.Upload the sliced gcode file to the printer host software

4. After you have printed your part , clear excess material on the part if any using a sharp knife especially on the square slot which gets fitted to the faucet

Step 3: Finish

Yes!!! we fixed a broken faucet .Its ready to work for some more days



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