FLL Mat Tote Bag




Introduction: FLL Mat Tote Bag

This is the Pale Blue Dot's project for 2015; Trash Trek. This year we are making tote bags and other items out of old Lego League game mats. We also make wallets and iPad cases out of the mats. In this Instructable we will show how to make the tote bag. You will need 1 FLL mat, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces

the first thing we need to do is cut out all the shapes you will need. each solid color is a solid shape.

Step 2: Sewing the Base

lay out the two red pieces one the template across each other and centered. make sure the white side is down. sew the two pieces together on the bottom

Step 3: Sewing the Edges

sew each of the edges together, making sure that it doesn't over lap, but instead the colored edges face each other

Step 4: Finishing

now all you have to do turn the bag inside out, and sew the handles on. you can do this anyway you want



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    I wish that I had read this a few hours earlier. I just bought a tote bag. I should have made one like this.

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    I'm apart of The Pale Blue Dots, and I want to give a shoutout to me team for how awesome we did today at our tournament! Anyone who is seeing this and is liking this should share it with everyone they know. The more popular it gets the more people will view it and the more trash we can reduce! Awesome idea!

    1 reply

    Which Spice Girl are you? The nice one, or the one who started this war?