This is a costless, good and simply idea.

The books floats amazing on the panel on the wall. All the peoples are amazed seeng this system.

You can take any book alone from the panel, read it and put it back.

Step 1: The Main Element

The secret consist in the clamp in the picture.

All you need is a panel, to put a stainless steel band on it supported by some bolts an washes.

You must steel all the clamps from the accounting-financial bureau.

Every book is catched in one clamp in the stainless steel band on the pannel.

Step 2: How to Use the Main Element

Books in the middle are totaly catch with the covers by the element. In the margin you catch only the pages in order to hide the main element You put the ears of the main element inside the book.

Step 3: Arangement of the Books

The last photo shaws a limiter wich keeps the margin book closed.

A german can arange the books better then my four years old nephew. When someone comes to visit me and sees the panel with floating books, he makes big eyes and study this incredible simply system. It takes half an hour to ansamble all the pieces but it is possible to spent a lot of time to steel the clamps from accounting office.

Step 4: END




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    Acum e clar. Foarte fain. Bravo tie.

    Nu inteleg cum se prinde agrafa (clama) de carte. Altfel pare o idee buna.