We’ve made an app for flower watering based on BLUNO. With this app, you can water your plants via smartphone. To add more dynamic to this app, we’ve also included 12864 OLED display in this device.

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Step 1: ​Introduction Toour Flower-watering App

The soil moisture sensor gives clear and concise readings from 0 to 800. When the reading turns out to be between 300 and 800, it means that moisture content of the soil is normal. If the reading is less than 300, that means the soil lacks water. If so, open your flower-watering app and water your plant via Bluetooth.

Step 2: Components

1. A Bluetooth mobile phone with BLUNO.apk installed

2. Bluno & IO Expansion Shield for Arduino

3. OLED display module

4. Water Pump & Relay

5. Soil Moisture Sensor

Please refer to the map (Pic 2) and then connect the components & attach Bluno development board to BLUNO.

NOTE: 3-pin RST of 12864 OLED display

The photo 3 and 4 shows what the device looks like once you finish the connection.

Figure H on the OLED display shows the moisture level of the soil in the flowerpot.
When the figure H turns out to be between 300 and 800, it means that moisture content of the soil is normal. If it is less than 300, that means the soil lacks water.

The soil moisture sensor sends out an analog value between 0 and 800 while the moisture percentage will be shown on the Bluno. Thus, to calculate the moisture value shown on Bluno, you shall divide the moisture value of the soil in the flowerpot by 800 and then multiply by 100%.

Step 3: How Do We Actually Water Flower With This App?

First, open BLUNO on your phone and then click the scan icon at the top right corner. Select “connect to BlunoV1.8” and then a “connected” icon, which means your Bluetooth mobile phone has connected to Bluno. This will show up at the top right corner of your screen. (Pic 1, Pic 2)

Step 4:

Click the Relay button in Bluno. Then you can start watering your flowers.

Step 5:

Picture shows a plant in our office. Bingo! It’s moisture level turns out to be 615. Thus, we do not need to water it for now.

If the reading for moisture level is less than 300, your plant will tell you “ Master, I am thirsty. Water me please!!!” Then go and switch Relay on in the BLUNO on your phone ASAP.

Step 6:

To make this device more interesting, I’ve played a little trick by adding something on 12764 OLED display (See the GIF). You may also make the smiling faces bigger on the display or show rainfalls falling on the plants on it when the plant is being watered. Also, play a little trick- while being watered, the image of plant on the display is growing bigger.

Enclosed is the programing code for your reference.


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