FM Radio Using Inviot U1, an Arduino Compatible Board

TEA5767 is easy to use with an arduino. I am using a module of TEA5767 and an

InvIoT U1

board from

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Step 1: What You Need

1. InvIoT U1 board from

2. a FDTI232 USB to UART programmer or any other programmer

3. TEA5767 module with amplifier and antenna I got mine from ebay.

4. latest version of arduino IDE

5. Library for U1. Download the latest library from U1 library. Online manual, more examples and help for the library can be found here.

Step 2: Connect, Find Sketch, Edit Sketch,upload Sketch

1. Connect FTDI

2. Install latest version of arduino IDE and the InvIoT library. Info on how to install can be found at 'software setup'

3. On Arduino IDE goto File->Examples->InvIoT->g. Applications->FM Radio

4. Edit the sketch to set your region settings (example start frequency 87.9, end frequency 107.9, step 0.2)

5. Press upload

Step 3: None

That simple!

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