FM Radio Velleman Mini Kit 118RS Modified

Introduction: FM Radio Velleman Mini Kit 118RS Modified

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This is how I modified my FM Radio Velleman Mini Kit 118RS
I built alot of these types of kits and mostly they don't come with boxes to protect the circuits. Alot of times they also don't come with parts that accommodate them for being in nice boxes either. So you'll have to buy some extra parts.

The extra parts needed to make this Radio are:
The radioshak Project Box
And LED Holder
and a 3mm LED
(optionally, if want yours to look like mine)
Gold spray paint
and 2 of the Grey size Wire Connectors

Step 1: Plan Your Enclosure

Decide what box to use. I used this one from Radio Shack.

Lay the parts onto the box where to plan on putting them.

Step 2: Plan the Controls

Two figure out where I was going to put the holes for the speaker and the parts I taped a piece of paper over the lid and used a pen to mark where the holes should be.

Step 3: Dill the Holes

After drilling the holes try the parts in the places to see if they fit. Don't glue them or make them permanent yet.

Step 4: Paint It Gold and Glue on the Parts

I used the 10k potentiometers that came with the kits. Good thing I had 5 of these. the first two that I super glued onto the box also glued the trimmer in place so that it was permanently stuck. Next time I am going to replace them with the kind with a nut that are made to be mounted like that. You can use them to make this easier.

Another really hard part was gluing on the power jack. This also was not made to be mounted on a case. I had to carefully glue around the outside so as not to get any glue inside where the adapter connector goes.

Step 5: Solder on the Internal Only Parts

Solder on the Capacitors, Resistors, IC's, the Diode, etc...

For now leave off the LED, Potentiometers, Antenna, Power Jack and Power Switch.

Step 6: Solder on Wires

Now solder on some wires to connect the external parts.

If your going to use the wire as an antenna then I recommend tying it into a knot so that if it slips it doesn't get pulled off the board and damage it.

Step 7: Solder on the Power Switch

It's just easier to solder on the power switch before putting the board inside the box.

Step 8: Secure the Board

To keep the board in place I used some double sided tape.

Step 9: Finish It Up

Now solder on all the wires to the parts that you mounted to the outside of your box .
Screw on the lid and jam!

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