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About: I have a Advance Diploma of Multimedia Design, have a lot of graphic/industrial design work experience. I'm also a trade qualified Metal Fabrication Engineer. Recently I have given up all this to develop my ...

I made most of this stuff when I was a kid in high school, the recumbent trikes what got me into welding in the first place.
I've also liked drawing for most of my life so "make" skills and the love of drawing have gone hand in hand.
These days I work at a sign company designing and constructing signs, making stuff for myself in my free time.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with both rimar and kiteman, the blue trike and the 50cc bike are way bad the last pic is a cool design as well.. thank you for sharing

    Thanks Kiteman
    It went pretty good, I dunno like 25-30ks an hours. It's still gathering dust in my shed, I guess it would fire up again with a bit of tinkering. Was supposed to be salt flat racer style, inspired by the "Wraith" Confederate motorcycles build.