FN Knex P90





Introduction: FN Knex P90

This is my second instructable, super powerful and super small, to DJ Radio,vsoz about my last one, hopefully this will work, mod on the M60, changed it. Shoots also 40 ft but is very very accurate.



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    i would give it a 1.5 star, not to good looking, bends too much, and why is it so dark????

    No offence intended but I seriously recommend that you fill it in a bit because it looks a bit poor. I'm not doubting the power because I haven't built it but I suggest you take a look at Knex gun builder's p90 v2 and get some inspiration. For an update I recommend improving the look.

    i saw this and i threw up >.<
    first of all it doesnt look like a p90, it looks more like a messed up m-16 with a scope on the front.
    i rate this a 0.1 of of 10 >=D

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