FPGA Simon Clone

This is a basic simon clone/ Folower game that can be created on an FPGA.

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Step 1: Obtain Necessary Materials

1. FPGA Board

2. Breadboard

3. LEDs

4 Wires

5. Software: Digilent Adept

Step 2: Construct Modules

  • 8-bit Counter (used as timer)
  • binary to seven segment display converter
  • Random Number generator (we used an LFSR ) (used to light up random LED
  • 2-bit Comparator (used to check if user input matches LED flashed)
  • Game over
  • Binary to LED display

Use Display Final State Module, Check inputs FSM, and Game over FSM to link the above modules as shown in the diagram above

Step 3: Construct Led Display

Pace the led's in the breadboard so they correspond to the buttons on the FPGA. Use wires to connect breadboard to the ports on the FPGA. You may need some resistors so the LEDs don't get too much current and burn out..

Step 4: Map All Inputs and Output to Ports

Make sure all the below are mapped
  • input to buttons
  • reset to button
  • LEDs
  • game over message to seven segment display


Congratulations! you crated a FPGA game. Enjoy this simple version of Simon.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    can you please explain me the hardware connections. plus i want to implement this on cyclone 3 fpga is this going to make any difference?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Would like to see more commentary on the digital side. Why did you choose those state machines?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, very cool! I loved Simon growing up. Great project!