FPGA-based Remote Control of Solar Photovoltaic Cells

Here is a presentation of the project status.

The project addresses the topic of solar photovoltaic (PV) cell remote control in order to achieve maximal energetic efficiency of PV plants. For this reason a two axis PV cells support electromechanical system it is considered for development. This system is capable to perform a full sun position tracking by capturing the maximal solar radiation energy during the sun's movement across the sky during the day.

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Step 1: Hardware Implementation Configuration

I am using the Vivado 2016.3 software toolkit. First you have to make the hardware implementation. I used the Digilent tutorial named "Creating a Custom IP core using the IP Integrator" to create the "mypwm" block, which generates PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals.

Step 2: Software Implementation

After creating the bitstream and exporting the hardware, the next step is to Launch SDK. The program transmites the PWM signals to the LEDs.

Step 3: DC Motor Control

The PWM signals are used to command the DC motor.

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