FPV Arduino Rocket Turret!

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So, I made remote control FPV rocket turret. It is based on Arduino and NRF24L01 radio modules with amplifier and antenna (up to 2 km open range) and FPV camera Eachine TX-02 (3 in 1: camera + transmitter + antenna). You can watch a video about making this baby! Also this project is a continuation of "Remote pyrotechnics launcher", but YouTube don't really like videos about such devices...

Remote control base includes FPV monitor and joystick. Turret has 2 servos and 10 rockets with fuses.

  • FPV camera
  • 10 channels - 10 rockets
  • 360 turning range horizontally
  • Controller with joystick and display
  • Up to 1 kilometer of video and control range

Links on all components on Aliexpress are in the project page on GitHub.

Step 1: Electronics

So we have 2 electronic schemes and 2 Arduino sketches, you can find all information and firmware on project's GitHub page. Connect all components and upload firmware to both Arduinos

Step 2: Base

Base is very simple: just a piece of plywood with FPV monitor, joystick, FPV reciever, scheme with Arduino and of course 12V battery. Just fasten all of it to plywood by screws, two-side tape and cable ties.

Step 3: Rocket Sockets

Rocket block is made of wood. Just drill it for your size of rockets and paint to black. Turret must be brutal!

Step 4: Ignition System

Fuses are nichrome wires, wrapped around rocket's candlewicks. All fuse have common VCC wire (copper wire in center of block, between rocket sockets, look at the photo), and GND goes separately from MOSFETs for each rocket (white wires).

Step 5: Base Assembly

Stand is made of PVC tubes. Servos fasten by screws and glue, watch video for more details. X axis (horizontal) servo is 360 degrees servo, or constant rotation servo. Y axis, vertical, is common 180 degrees big size servo. So turret has full circle horizontal coverage and 180 degrees of vertical.

Step 6: Camera

I use micro FPV camera Eachine TX-02 with transmitter and antenna. It is very good for this purpose.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Rocket blocks connects to base, also I protect camera with thin transparent piece of acrylic plate (CD box)

Step 8: Tets

How it works: tou can control position (aim) by joystic. Each click on joystic button will activate fuse in order, and all rockets will fly away from first to last. Rockets without stabilizers is very unstable and don't fly in target... But generally this project is very cool =) Maybe you can use the code for turning something with servos by NRF modules, because in my system joystic controls not a position, but a speed of servos rotation!

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